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"Bee Safe"

After Melrose Designs created the umbrella branding for Just Bee, we came together during lockdown 1.0 to create printed masks. These masks not only kept yourself and others safe during the COVID pandemic but also saved the Bee's - donating 5% of the proceeds to the UK Bee Friendly Trust.

... Branding wise It just so happens a bee and a rose a perfect combo!

Illustrations by: Melrose Designs

Photography by: (Just Bee in the moment with) Robyn Lee Photography

Printed by: Just Bee 


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The start of 2020 saw the most shocking Australian bushfires resulting in many animals and their habitat's being burnt away. All the way from the United Kingdom I thought what can I do to help from a little cumbrian town? So I created a little personal charity project, put my watercolours to work and created this little solemn guy!


After placing him on various products with Teespring such as mugs bags etc, I donated 100% of the proceeds to WWF's Koala Protection programme. Designing for purpose and to help others is good for the soul... especially when they needed our help!


Supporting Australian Wildlife.png
Watercolour Koala.png
Save the Koalas Donation.jpg
Thank you for supporting.jpg


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